Our Products

We have created a range of different products to support school leaders in their work.  Two of the most popular packs are the SEF/SIP materials which support writing the SEF and linked School Improvement plan and the Subject Leader pack including all training and support materials to enable school leaders to provide CPD to ensure that subject leaders are fully equipped for the role.

Our most recent development is the Teaching Over Time Evaluation Matrix (TOTEM) which is a system for recording all aspects of your monitoring of the quality of education.  There is a video download on our site to explain this system.

All of the materials that we create are adaptable to the individual school context and all are written to meet the requirements of the current Ofsted inspection framework.

Need help to improve the quality of teaching in your school?

Alistair Shaw and Nicki Bell are former Head Teachers and accredited leadership coaches. Talk to them today to discuss
how OLS can help your teachers maximise their potential.

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