Questioning Skills

A professional development resource pack specifically aimed at Head Teachers wanting to enhance the quality of questioning in the classroom in order to embed learning

The Head Teacher issue that prompted the creation of the questioning resource pack:

“There is so much development going into the cognitive science of knowledge acquisition and skills development that I need a means of enhancing and ensuring my pupils have the very best teacher facilitators of learning they can get.”

The contents of the questioning resource pack:

  1. A brief overview of the importance of questioning (Word)
  2. A PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Resources to support ‘Goldilocks’ activity based on Bloom’s taxonomy referenced in the PowerPoint
  4. A think piece to initiate discussion
  5. A summary of Bloom’s taxonomy (internet download)
  6. Posters with Bloom’s style question starters (PDFs)
  7. A proforma for an audit of classroom questioning (Word)

The questioning resource pack is available from either Nicki or Alistair and costs £100.00

Questioning Skills Pack

As we learn a little more above the science of learning, one thing that has become apparent is the need for teachers to be trained to use effective questioning techniques in their classrooms.

The current (April 2021) Section 5 School Inspection Handbook ‘good’ grade descriptors point 4 in the implementation section states,

Teachers present subject matter clearly, promoting appropriate discussion about the subject matter being taught. They check pupils’ understanding systematically, identify misconceptions accurately and provide clear, direct feedback. In so doing, they respond and adapt their teaching as necessary without unnecessarily elaborate or individualised approaches.

and within Leadership and Management, ‘good’ descriptor point 2

Leaders focus on improving teachers’ subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge in order to enhance the teaching of the curriculum and the appropriate use of assessment. The practice and subject knowledge of staff, including newly qualified teachers, build and improve over time.

This is not about Ofsted, but about ensuring that our teachers are as effective as possible. Our perception is that in many cases, there is insufficient training in the ITT process on developing skilful questioning. We believe that is an area of CPD that should be visited regularly and monitored carefully in schools.

At the request of several Head Teachers, we have compiled a starter pack to support a CPD session on questioning. Within the pack there is:

  1. A short powerpoint presentation
  2. Resources to support ‘Goldilocks’ activity based on Bloom’s taxonomy referenced in the powerpoint
  3. A thinkpiece to initiate discussion
  4. A summary of Bloom’s taxonomy (internet download)
  5. Posters with Bloom’s style question starters
  6. A proforma for an audit of classroom questioning

The intention is that the materials will enable a member of staff to initiate some work on questioning skills in a regular staff meeting. There is a tremendous amount of material available both online and in books, and schools will need to make their own decisions on what they access and the depth to which they choose to explore, but this pack offers a starting point for those needing to begin to develop questioning skills in their classrooms.

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